Recover Forgotten Encryption Password

You can use Password Cruncher to recover a lost password for an encrypted volume that you've previously created with TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt.

How does this software work?

This software uses the brute force method to recover the password. That is, you specify the character sets you want to try (lower-case, upper-case, digits, etc.) as well as the minimum and maximum length of the passwords, and Password Cruncher tries each character combination until it comes across the one that unlocks the encrypted volume:

The password recovery options screen of the Password Cruncher software

Can this software recover a password to any encrypted volume?

At this time the software can only recover the passwords to the file-based volumes encrypted with TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt software using the following algorithms:

  • Hash functions: RIPEMD-160, SHA-512, SHA-256, Whirlpool
  • Ciphers: AES, Twofish, Serpent
  • Encryption modes: XTS

What is NOT SUPPORTED at this time:

  • Deprecated hash functions: SHA1
  • Deprecated ciphers: Blowfish, DES, CAST
  • Exotic algorithms such as Camellia, Kuznyechik, or Streebog
  • Non-zero (PIM) Personal Iterations Multiplier
  • Deprecated encryption modes: LRW, CBC
  • Combination encryption algorithms, such as: AES-Twofish, etc.
  • Volumes encrypted with the key files
  • Hidden volumes, encrypted partitions, or encrypted drives.

Basically, it means that Password Cruncher should be able to recover a lost password to a file-based volume encrypted with VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt (v.6.0 or later), unless a key file, a PIM, or one of the exotic or combination ciphers was used.

Can it recover passwords to the hidden volumes or to the system drive encryption?

No, sorry. We may add such capabilities in the future, though, if we see enough interest in this software.

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